Equate sth with sth:The phrase “equate sth with sth” means to consider two things to be equal or identical in some way, to make a comparison between them and to draw a parallel. (把某事与某事相提并论)


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以下是实用短语“Equate sth with sth”在美剧语料库中的情景例句:

E.G.1:In real marriages, wives are faithful. Yeah, and husbands remember anniversaries, so I guess we’re even. — Are you equating forgetting our anniversary with cheating on me? (DH S02E03)

E.G.2:Max, are you trying to equate a person’s love with a cat’s love? Not really. A cat’s love is eternal. (2 Broken.Girls S03E03)
参考翻译: “马克斯,你是在试图把人的爱与猫的爱等同起来吗?不完全是。猫的爱是永恒的。”

E.G.3:Do I think she oversteps sometimes? — Yes. Does she wrongly equate her advice with mine? — Often. (HOC S02E08 36:42)
参考翻译:“我认为她有时会越界 — 是的。她是否经常错误地把她的建议等同于我的建议?– 是的。”


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