A Mandarin word, “躺平”, literally means “to lie flat” , which is widely used on social media and among young people. The word has indifferent connotations.
Tangpingers give up fighting for a better life like they used to. They are in total submission to the status quo and they willingly lower their aims, wishes and even expenditures.
They have no more unrealistic expectations, illusions, pressure or interest in real life. No more ambitions, craving for success, struggle, resistance or fear. They try to be a normal person and chillax.

躺平:Lying Flat

All they want to do is to lie down, to “tangping” and do nothing. They aren’t cooperative and they don’t give a F*CK to other people’s opinions or blames.
Tangpingers scorn the behaviour of fleecing and milking the Masses by devious capitalists and speculators, which always try to play the young people for sucker.
So no more Pie-in-the-Sky or brainwashing. Either you pay me decent money to get the job done, or I choose to “tangping” and you get nothing.
They try to find the inner peace, happiness and balance, let go of themselves from enormous burdens, pressure and baseless accusations and focus on themselves only.
Tangpingism is a peaceful “demonstration” and non-cooperation movement against social inequalities, exploitation, elitism and meaningless competitions of any kind.
A: Jacob, What the f*ck are your doing? Why are you sitting around? Don’t you have a work to do?
B: Boss, I’m tired and I just want to tangping, so f*ck the work.

A: My god, the house price keeps rocketing up, when can I afford an apartment of my own?
B: With your current salary, maybe 100 years later you can get one.
A: Aren’t you worried about that?
B: Nuh-uh, I know I can’t afford it, so f*ck it, I’m gonna tangping.


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