Money and companionship, which one is more important?

Money and companionship, which one do you think is more important to you, and why? You should state your stances and perspectives according to different stages of your life.

Money Vs companionship


As far as I’m concerned, our desires and beliefs all come down to two aspects, material, and spiritual demands, money could, on one hand, solve all the material-related problems, and on the other, empowers us to have a strong sense of security and confidence. But money can be toxic if we don’t have adequate wisdom and a proper mindset, as a saying goes “unworthy of the rank, one errs to perish”, whether you believe it or not, the most precious fortune only comes along with the most decent virtue.

The thing is, without money, one can hardly survive, Nowadays, even though we’re no longer worried about survival, a great many of us feel anxious all the time, and that sense of insecurity often owing to lack of money. In my opinion, I think it is simply because we have too many desires and ambitions, we want to buy luxury goods, fancy cars, and comfortable houses, we want to pursue high status, and all in all, we want to keep up with the Joneses. And that’s the reason why money plays a dominant role in our day-to-day life, and that is the reason why companionship had always been underestimated and overlooked.

As for companionship, it is the most imperative part of our every existence, we human beings, for our entire life, strive for recognition, respect, and appreciation, without companionship, none of which can be realized, we crave companionship as soon as we secured a major breakthrough, we’re in need of companionship by the time we suffered a severe defeat.

So, if you ask me which one is more important, I would definitely vote for companionship, all of the critical stages of our lives are filled with companionship, from the time when we’re born to the glamorous moment when we get married, to the mourning period when we lost our beloved ones.

Sooner or later, we gonna realize the importance of companionship. However, no matter how important companionship is, it’s not a regular thing, especially when we’re young and full of vigor, only wise men knew how to weigh up the balance between material and spiritual needs.

My point being, never falter to be present when there’s someone we hold in high regard in need of companionship, and never give up when there’s an opportunity to make money. Whether it is money or companionship, at the end of the day, we just want to be happy. So, Here I’d like to quote a line from desperate housewives, it says “Happiness is a state of mind”, so if you can seek happiness from making money, go for it, if you can find happiness from companionship, seize the moment.


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