Take a rain check

To my understanding, most of the learners who failed to advance and perserver, it is not beacuse they’re sluglish or stuipd, or lack of passion and desire, on the contrary, they’re just too smart too go back forth, they care too much about the results rather than enjoy the process, they keep checking the bluechip they’ve just invested yield a profit or not, since you know, the result is not compelling, they faltered in their believe that this way of learning is not so productive and that way of learning is not so effective.

Feel the rain

After several frustrated attemps, they ended up with no confidence of reviving the spark of pursuing english proficiency. Some people are too smart to be a bilinguist as they always find ways to cut corners, To be honest, I was one of them, that is why I hated my guts of being smart in my ealier stage.

One man’s sludge/nectar is another man’s liquid gold/nectar.  “有人认为是甘露,有人认为是废渣”,” 雨水”可以灌溉求知若渴的灵魂,却滋润不了浮躁忙乱的心。

It could be interpreted in many ways. Some people catch the vibe, some people lose the thread, and that’s the beauty of the English language.


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